Objection handling is working with an individual in a situation to figure out why the person really doesn’t want to move forward and then helping them to decide to do so. 

If the goal is to sell a home, then the decision that the licensee is aiming for is to agree to move forward with a real estate deal. Objection handling starts with the agreement to work with the licensee as agent and proceeds through closing.

Objection handling can be broken down into FIVE STEPS.  These steps apply whether trying to get another cookie, trying to convince a spouse to spend money, trying to convince someone to buy a car, or trying to have a successful career in real estate!


  1. Recognize the Problem
  2. Identify with the Person
  3. Isolate the Objection
  4. Propose an Answer
  5. Confirm Agreement

The five steps should flow together without the other person even realizing that they are being taken through a series of closing steps.

Here’s an example:

  • “I understand not getting your offer accepted is frustrating.  When I bought my last house, I too wanted to get the home at a lower price than the listing price.  You are not happy with the amount of the seller’s counteroffer.  We could write another offer meeting the seller midway between what you had originally offered and the seller’s counteroffer.  How does that sound?”

Objection handling is a skill set that every great real estate agent masters.  See the book Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Post-Licensing Excellence by Pamela Kemper for more examples.  Or look to Azure Tide All Florida School of Real Estate Posting Licensing and Continuing Education Courses that cover objection handling.


By Pamela Kemper, Instructor

Azure Tide All Florida School of Real Estate

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