Florida Real Estate Exam Prep for Sales Associate Licensing Exam – Course


Master the Florida Real Estate State Exam to Become a Real Estate Sales Associate!

Great way to streamline your studying with study aids and almost endless test question combinations.  See additional requirements to become a Florida Real Estate Agent.

Enrollment Includes:

  1. Review Slides of each of the 19 Sections of Required Learning Areas taught in Florida Real Estate 63-Hour Sales Associate Course.
  2. 450 Vocabulary Builder Digital Flash Cards
  3. 200 Knowledge Builder Digital Flash Cards
  4. 62 Math Builder Digital Flash Cards
  5. SIX different Testing Platforms:  *Shuffles 190 True False Questions  for 25 question quizzes.  Unlimited retakes.  *Shuffles 291 Multiple Choice Questions for 25 question quizzes.  Unlimited retakes.  *3 – 100 Question Mock Exams (Unique questions)  Unlimited retakes.   *A 4th 100 question mock exam that shuffles the 300 question from the 3 mock exams.  Unlimited retakes.

If you are currently enrolled in our Florida 63-Hour Real Estate Licensing Course – then you can purchase the Exam Prep Course for just $30.  Do so by inputting the Coupon Code found within the “Test Taking Tips” documents which is the 8th item in the course.  You can always CONTACT US for the code as well. 


Looking to become a Florida Real Estate Agent?

Want extra help with preparing for the end-of-course exam for a 63-Hour Licensing Course or for the State Licensing Exam?

This is a great resource to use. 

Many students use it to streamline their studying while actively enrolled in a real estate course.  Others use it to beef up their studying for the state exam.

  • The Review Slides are a digital version of our book Florida Real Estate Law and Practice Simplified (Actual book not included or required with the course). 
  • The Vocabulary Builder Digital Flash Cards, Knowledge Builder Digital Flash Cards, and Math Builder Digital Flash Cards make studying convenient.
  • The SIX different Testing Platforms provide a solid foundation to get you exam ready!
  • Enrollment access time for the course is for 120 days.  Extensions are available!

This is NOT a licensing course.  For a licensing course, see Florida Real Estate 63-Hour Sales Associate Course.  

Purchase optional printed Course Books.

Find out if a Real Estate Career is Right for you!

Find out HOW TO Get Licensed, Verify Our Courses are Approved, Use Our Courses, Use Our Apps, Contact Your Teacher, and How to Pass Exams.

Find Career Tips with valuable topics such as Choosing a Broker,  Finding Sellers, and Finding Buyers.


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