Florida Real Estate 45 Hour Post-License Sales Associate Course


This state approved course is required within the licensee’s first renewal period to maintain a Florida Real Estate license.

This course has been written by Pamela Kemper, Instructor with Azure Tide Realty All Florida School of Real Estate.  

It is designed to help a new licensee navigate through the many issues of starting a real estate career. 

Topics Include:

Business Planning; Prospecting; Managing Listings; Managing Buyers; Objection Handling; Financing Considerations; Issues Specific to Condo/HOA/CDDs; Contracts; Inspections; Closings; Maintaining Compliance with License Law; Ethics and Business Practices; Fair Housing Applied; ECOA/TILA/RESPA – In Practice; Agency in Practice and Property Management.


This is an online course, approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission.  

This is the course all real estate licensees must take within the first renewal period in order to maintain a real estate license in Florida.

  • There are  4 Sections with a total of 16 Chapters.
  • Section 1, Business Building, focuses on building a thriving real estate business.
  • Section 2, The Deal, focuses on successfully taking a deal from contract to closing.
  • Section 3, Legal Issues, focuses on legal issues affecting the practice of real estate.
  • Section 4, Property Management, focuses on providing property management services.
  • Enrollment access time for the course is for 90 days (from enrollment date).  If you are delayed in finishing within the enrollment period –  Extensions are available!
  • Upon completion – credit for the course is reported to the state of Florida.  Please allow for 3 business days to receive credit.

This course has been approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation – Course #0025171  by Azure Tide Realty Corp:  D/B/A All Florida School of Real Estate License #ZH1002471.  Approval valid through 4/06/2023.


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